Founder of Nutrial – Integrative Health & Fitness©, Owner of Mendocino Pilates Alexandra M. Albanell is a Certified Pilates, Yoga, Health Coach professional and an entrepreneur. She currently lives in California with her furry ‘four-paw’ Larry. Her passions for sports, movement and healthy eating started in her childhood and young adult age when she underwent a severe eczema, allergies and sport injuries that led her to make changes in her lifestyle.

Her passions for Pilates, Yoga, Cooking & Health combined with wanting to work and help others living a life they deserve and a body they love, inspired her to create Mendocino Pilates a studio where people would feel safe in an intimate environment, and Nutrial her Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, available worldwide online or in person, in California.


Living a lifestyle focused on my own health and fitness, she wants her clients to understand bio-individuality, meaning: No one diet is good for everyone.

Everyone is unique, like every spine is unique, so I care about you as an individual and my coaching wether it is concerning your health or your fitness will be unique.

“I am an entrepreneur, founder of Nutrial Health and Fitness, owner of Mendocino Pilates where I offer from personalised, semi-private classes, to Health Coaching programs…

As a result, I am super busy like most people, and I believe in realistic expectations towards your transformation, exercise routine, sleep quality, meal preparation, time availability spent on weekly dinner creations and grocery shopping…”

She knows where you stand and her background with various lifestyle makes her understand your needs, struggles and feelings.

Whether you’re looking to gain energy, reduce stress, find a sleep routine, reduce your skin inflammations, loosing weight, or reverse allergies, she has a menu of options to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals and thrive in the new version of yourself.