About Alexandra

Founder of Nutrial – Integrative Health & Fitness©, Owner of Mendocino Pilates Alexandra M. Albanell is a Certified Pilates, Yoga, Health Coach professional and an entrepreneur. She currently lives in California with her furry ‘four-paw’ Larry. Her passions for sports, movement and healthy eating started in her childhood and young adult age when she underwent a severe eczema, allergies and sport injuries that led her to make changes in her lifestyle.

She loves the Ocean where she found healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She is also a food lover with a passion for cooking and preparing anything from Raw food, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Japanese…inspired by her Mother and the places she has spent her childhood, lived or sailed to – her Plant-based programs have healed her conditions and helped men and women improving their well-being.

Alexandra creates custom-tailored programs adapt to the individual and their specific lifestyle.


Alexandra’s Journey

Happiness and well-being aren’t a destination. No one ever just achieves happiness or well-being and checks that box off ready to move to the next task. They are a way of life that requires cultivating and constant mindfulness. And it took me decades of soul-searching, trial and errors, to realize that and incorporate it in my day-to day life.

I live in my own complex world, governed by an intricate web of values often in contrast with what society imposes. I can be introverted in unfamiliar settings but impress and lead with those I know and trust. I am naively generous and attach myself to detail where situations would warrant otherwise. Yet I give to better grow, and stick to the little things to better understand the larger ones. I fight to push myself just a bit further every time.


For that quest, I’ve put myself through high and low, seeking adversity to challenge myself and grow. Leaving home to live in Malta, the Caribbean and the U.S. for extended periods of time, I grew more passionate, versatile, and curious. I’ve learned how multicultural perspectives influence relationships and dynamics in life. More importantly, I’ve learned to look inward and listen to my own inner voice as a way of life. Each experience challenged the core of what I carried or brought with me, always giving me the opportunity to learn, unlearn, re-learn my own lessons, things that I thought I had all figured out, only to realize that life isn’t a step by step recipe book!

With a broad cross-cultural background, I’ve developed the ability to adapt myself well to diverse and complex situations, in personal life as much as in the workplace.  I am very enthusiastic and optimistic, and apply myself with passion to even the most mundane things. Yet I remain a shell. I listen closely, but speak sparsely. I give freely, but take hesitantly, closing doors in my own face. I am too proud and often too stubborn.

My wholehearted outlook on life and my enthusiastic nature are usually counterbalanced by my foresight and analytical judgment that come from a strong aptitude for problem solving.  Just like you, I have had my share of challenging experiences, from health issues such as eczema, to marital problems that ended up in a divorce, self-confidence issues, the loss of my dear father at a young age, etc. If there is one thing my challenges taught me, it is that I possess the mental stamina and determination to navigate through difficulties. I am too optimistic and hopeful to ever give up or dwell on things not going the way I want them know. I have learned to trust the universe, the Divine orchestration of events that fall outside of my control, and most importantly I have learned to love myself wholly and be grateful for all that I am. This was key turning point in my life: the day I realized that all I needed was my own love. Are you ready to work with me?

Alexandra Albanell

Founder, Nutrial