Choco Coco Energy “Bites”

This is my Choco Coco Energy “Bites” recipe is quick and easy to prepare, no baking time required. Eating healthy has becoming a top priority for most of us, however when it comes to snack we don’t really know what to eat.

They will make you feel amazing and energized. They are all a deliciously healthy treat, vegetarian, gluten-free, energy protein packed little “bouchées” in French!

Choco coco Energy “Bites” and more

They are all a deliciously healthy treat, vegetarian, gluten-free, energy protein packed little “bouchées”in French!

How to make your Energy “Bites”?

There is many different way to combine ingredients to make the perfect “bouchée”, here is a simple recipe to get you started on creating your own versions.

Then feel free to use the same basic formula with your favorite ingredients, fruits, nuts, spices, superfoods.


1cup / 11/2 cup / 1-2 Tbsp / 1 Tbsp / to taste

  1. Start by combining the raw ingredients together into the bowl of a food processor
  2. Form a stiff paste. Process the ingredients until they bind together. Depending on the size and power of your processor, you may need to stop it occasionally and push the ingredients down with a spatula before turning it on again.
  3. Shape into balls. Divide the mixture into even portions on a tray or a plate. Using your hands, roll the portions into round balls. If the mixture is sticky, it will help to have slightly wet hands. Make the balls about 11/2 diameter.
  4. Cover with the coating of your choice. Spread your choice of coating evenly on separate plates or trays. Take one of the bites in your hand and roll it gently in the coating. Place on a clean plate.
  5. Let them set. Place your “bouchées” in the refrigerator for about an hour until firm.
  6. Store them in airtight glass container. Your choco coco energy bites will last about a week in the fridge and about a month in the freezer.

Your pantry ideas for Energy Balls

Nuts: Almonds, Walnut, Cashews, Pecans, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Brazilian nuts, Hazelnuts.

Dried Fruits: Dates, Figs, Apricots, Raisins, Cranberries, Blueberries, Coconut, Mango, Goji, Ginger.

Superfoods powder: Maca, Spirulina, Acai, Lucuma, Baobab, Matcha, Moringa.

Spices: Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cayenne, Vanilla,

Sticky Stuff: Tahini, Almond butter (all kind of nut butter), Maple Syrup, Brown rice syrup, Raw Honey, Coconut oil.

Coating: Crushed nuts, Cacao powder, Chia seeds, Bee pollen, Hemp shelled seeds, Shredded Coconut.

TIP: Sprinkle some dust in the “choco-dough” to make them special!

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