Small group classes & Trio classes description

We offer a wide variety of classes all week from Monday through Saturday morning in different format, to fit your goals and budget.

Small Group Classes – they are labelled GP on the online schedule.
TRIO classes – they are labelled TRIO on the online schedule.

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Small Group Classes

Pilates Foundation – GP

This Matwork Pilates class is a great opportunity to discover Pilates or get back on track! Because beginner class doesn’t mean easy.

This Slow paced workout is ideal to be familiar with the basic principles of the Stott Pilates method while giving you a well-rounded session.

Sculpt & Tone – GP

This is a great 55min Mat Pilates class. Combines traditional mat work with athletic movements using resistance equipment to increase strength-work for the whole body.

Focuses on from and proper technique as well as progressions to make this class a prefect one for all levels and beginner welcome.

Core+ – GP

This is an advanced challenging 55min Pilates Mat class / Circuit. Involves a variety of small equipment that challenges your body to build strength without bulk with a special focus on the abdominals. Natural movement patterns with resistance are combined with balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. 

Using Flex-bands, resistance tubing, Bosu, free weights…Core+ training is based on the fundamentals of Stott Pilates: proper body alignment, breathing, scapular stability, pelvic placement and abdominal control.

Yogilates – GP

Get ready to tone your tummy and firm your body! This 75min alignment based Yoga flow combined Stott Pilates Core strengthening exercises and dynamic Yoga legs and arms workout.

Increase your strength and flexibility through a series of movements, concentrated breathing, simple and deep stretches. All levels welcome. Namaste.

Weight-Loss Circuit L.1 (level.1) – GP

This essential level Pilates class combines Reformer, Chair, Weight, Trampoline in one session. Making it a great class for those who are beginning the Pilates equipment classes and are already familiar with the Pilates Mat work. It is also a prefect medium intensity class to add to your overall Pilates fitness program. Using incredible pieces of pilates equipment, you will strengthen the core, increase range of motion, and create better posture. All levels welcome.

Weight-Loss Circuit L.1 (level.1) – GP

Speed up your metabolism and drop those unwanted pounds! Using Reformer, Trampoline, Jumpboard, Stability chair, Mat and Props…Burn calories, Reach your goals and Feel great.

Please note that to ensure the fluidity and pace of the class you are required to take one to 3 Private session(s) or Semi-Private class(es)  prior  joining any of our pilates equipment classes and circuit L.2 class. Thank you.

Trio Classes


Long & Lean – TRIO

This essential level Pilates Reformer class is great for those who are beginning the Reformer. It’s also a perfect low intensity class to add to your overall fitness program.

Using this one incredible piece of pilates equipment, the Reformer, you’ll strengthen the core, build long & lean muscle, increase range of motion, and create better posture. All levels welcome.

Cardio-Trampoline™ – TRIO

This 55min Cardio-Trampoline Training is a calorie burning and body firming workout that is followed buy a fluid yoga inspired stretch and mindful cool down.

Cardio-Trampoline™ is a dynamic way to add Cardio to your Pilates routine. Proper neutral spine, shoulder stability, thigh, bottom and ab-firming are the key elements of this effective fun training technique.

Offered as Individual in Private, Semi-Private or Trio Training.

Reformer Burner – TRIO

This intermediate reformer class will let you feel the burn in your arms, legs & “booty”… Stabilize shoulders, hips, knees and ankles through this complete workout.

Improve your coordination, core stability, strengthen your upper & lower body in this 55min well-rounded class!

Reformer Foundation – TRIO

This reformer equipment class is designed to strengthen your core and increase coordination in a well-rounded session that will challenge your entire body with great safety and awareness.

Ideal for beginner or to get back on track with the foundation exercise repertoire in a lovely pace.