Why Nutrial? Do you need a Health coach? 

Many of us think nothing about hiring me to help them reach their fitness goals. So why not do the same with your health? So why Nutrial?

I have been teaching for over a decade in various places around the world and realised that the same concerns, fears and confusions around the food, the exercise kept coming.


And it took me decades of soul-searching, trial and errors, to realise that and incorporate it in my day-to day life. As a result, today I am able to deliver not one way of eating, exercising and living but a custom-tailored post-modern approach of a unique “Art de Vivre” the very best and latest discoveries in Nutrition, Health and Fitness to my clients.

Health coaching is a relatively new concept in our modern society but conscious people have embraced this whole new approach in their Life. Health coaches are different from nutritionists who usually look at a person’s diet.

I go beyond just explaining what you should be eating and the technical aspects of why, I am more about practical ways that you can make changes to your diet in the real world.

I look at all aspects of your life – what’s happening in your life, your career, your relationship and your exercise etc…and how that can impact. I offer a very modern approach to nutrition, something that is “wholistic”, evidence-based and tailored to your own specific Lifestyle – exactly the way that I am coaching people in Pilates and Yoga.

I am supporting you, like a nutritional cheerleader, in the same way that as a personal trainer I am giving you that encouragement and motivation to achieve your fitness goals, based on your abilities and goals.

My approach is: let’s try to figure out, together, a plan based on your Bio-Individuality, what you eat and your exercise routine, but I also look at things like mood and what’s going on with your career and your relationship, your stress level, your sleep…, because all of that is going to impact.

Why does Nutrial works? Is it for me?

It is a combination of education in health and fitness, support and inspiration. Even the healthiest person can benefit from a health coach.

It’s about a real practical support – showing you an easy, fun and quick way to cook a healthy breakfast, lunch or diner and how we can make that exercise routine happen safely in your already daily busy schedule.

I offer Power sessions for busy professionals, Moms, travellers, superyacht crew member…Suggesting healthy alternative when you can’t necessarily cook yourself or have home-cooked food available.

Implementing a personalised exercise routine that can be performed from your hotel room, boat, while you travel, before the kids woke up…my background in those different fields have equipped me with a deep understanding, adaptability and creativity.

I see my clients fortnightly and usually continues to see them for anywhere between 3-6 months. We might do anything from looking at different recipes to try, I might cook with you, or we’ll do a pantry makeover, exercise routine together or delivering you an online exercise program or finding the best option near you. I offer different packages because you won’t have the same needs along the way of your transformation.

Why you won’t find what I teach you in a book?

Each time I see someone it is very different, a good relationship is also essential in establishing a tailored plan for every individual. So I will make sure before we start together that you know what to expect from me and what do you want from me.

Well, if we are a good team to work together!

I will ensure that you understand my way of working and that I have understand your needs and goals.

My motto: No ones diet works for everyone.

What works for you, might not work for your kids or your husband or your best friend!

From giving you a new product to try, a book to read….I might give you a bouquet of kale, so you can go home and make a kale juice or some delicious kale chips…

We might experiment breathing techniques to fight anxiety, finding a routine to improve your energy level or your quality of sleep.

Everyone is unique, like every spine is unique so I care about you as an individual and my coaching wether it is concerning your health or your fitness will be unique.

Why people love Nutrial?

Even within the individual, there are diverse needs.Your diet in winter should be different to your diet in summer. Your diet when you’re 20 should be different to your diet when you’re 40. You might be fine with gluten when you’re 20 and you might get to 40 and feel bloated and tired all the time and start thinking: what’s going on?

During 90 days, or a whole year, it’s about paying attention, using your intuition and start listening to your body, and cravings. I deliver you the tools to understand your cravings instead of being guilty about it. I teach you how to get attuned to your own body and loving you unconditionally.

How do you feel after eating a cookie, some french crispy bread with cheese? Do you want to take a nap? Then that’s probably not a good sign. So you might want try to eat a bit less gluten and see how you feel.

A quick way to explain my protocol is that I don’t follow any specific diet plan, I don’t do strict detox, I’m not paleo, I’m not non-sugar, unless that really speaks to you! I aims for a more gentle approach, based on your Bio-Individuality, age, gender, activity… Many of my clients come to Nutrial with the aim of weight loss, it soon becomes a secondary issue.

I am tweaking what people are currently doing and give them options, for example, what’s an option for your family dinner instead of having pasta every night? What are some better pasta options? If you’re having regular pasta, maybe it’s about trying a kelp pasta, or a buckwheat pasta, or maybe we can add lots of lots of veggies, so you’re eating more veggies and less pasta.

When I talk about weight, with my clients, then it becomes more about how they feel. And if they keep doing the program and try to implement my various recommendations, they feel good and as a result they also loose weight.

I thought I was healthy, but since becoming a health coach I’ve realized there is always something you can do to be that little bit healthier. It’s a constant curiosity, passion that motivates me to stay on top of my education, researches and self-experimentations in order to deliver you the latest discoveries in Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness to ensure long lasting results to keep with you for a lifetime.

Once you start eating better, you start feeling better and you have that positivity about you. Your mind opens up and you become more creative and start doing new things. You have this glow about you and this is my goal helping you to become the best version of yourself.

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